Central, Standard, Zeag, FAAC, Xerox… and the rest

A colleague just walked into my office and slipped me some big news — FAAC had bought Datapark. WOW!!! I berated him for not reading Parking Today. We report the news. Dammit. So to review the headlines over the past six months:

  • Standard Parking has begun the process of purchasing Central Parking
  • Zeag has been purchased by the Italian Company, FAAC
  • ACS has dropped the “A Xerox Company” and is now simply “XEROX
  • Women in Parking has started as an organization with Coleen Niese and Ruth Beaman at the helm
  • Complus Data has acquired Municipal Management Associates
  • Impark has been purchased by The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (Canada)
  • Green Court Partners has purchased the Parking Spot from Pritzker
  • T2 completed a $28mm capitalization program.
  • FAAC has also purchased DATAPARK.

I have probably missed a few, but I only went back to October, 2011.

And yes, although everyone has been talking about the FAAC purchase of Zeag, it has not been mentioned in PT until this coming issue, and neither has the Datapark purchase. Read all about them in a couple of weeks in the April 2012 issue of Parking Today.


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