I get Quoted, out of Context

I was interviewed by a reporter from the Kansas City Star about using credit cards for paying for parking at the upcoming KC Chief’s games. They Chiefs replaced the parking booths, but the reporter was incredulous as to why they didn’t provide for using credit cards to pay for entry. You can read the story here.

Sure I mused about why they didn’t upgrade their collection system after spending all that money for new booths, but my comment was more in the line of concern about speed on entry.  I told him the best way was to collect the money up front on line and then have the driver simply hand in a bar coded receipt on entry. That keeps the line fast and cash out of the lane.

I also explained that most stadiums have complex systems to ensure that theft is minimized, but I guess that was on the cutting room floor, too.

When a reporter has an agenda, there’s not much you can do to steer him or her out of it. They don’t seem ever to be concerned about the problem, or the issue. They focus only on what they have in their minds, and in the end, meld the story to fit. Sigh


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