Ok, there ARE a lot of people here

I find that day one of this show in Amsterdam is usually slower, but day two is much better.  The new boss at Metric Peter Alyward is parking savy and putting his full support behind Dave Witts and his US operation.  With Witt’s help he has a good grasp of the differences between the US and UK markets and is ensuring his equipment’s design fits the marketplace.

Zeag CEO Bernard Lecoste  told me he  is moving to San Leandro and Steve Hairlambow has graciously offered to share his Datapark digs with Zeag’s leader. Seems FAAC’s two new acquisitions will be run from the Bay Area.

Thomas Braunhaulder, CEO of Magnetic, was justifiably proud of the ‘RED DOT” award his company is receiving for its new gate, shown both at PIE and here at Intertraffic. The award is given in Europe for outstanding products and a surprised Magnetic received it this year.

My buddy Richard Zhou, CEO of Cytek, is hawking his new revenue control product line here.  It is designed in Switzerland and built in China to Swiss standards (he says the parts are vetted in Switzerland before assembly).  This is a high quality product. He has 200 systems installed in China and is selling it like hotcakes in Asia and South America. He is looking for distribution in the US.  Anyone interested in a well made, high tech, revenue control system that sells at half the price of its competitors.  Let me know — I can put you in touch. Richard told me he still represents Scheidt and Bachmann in China and sells a few systems a year to very high end products where brand name is extremely important.

This is an amazing place. There is business being done on the floor right in front of your eyes. Company A just agreed to use company B’s gates exclusively.  Company C is looking at purchasing company D.  Rumor has it that company F has already purchased company G.  Its a hotbed of capitalism at its best.

More tomorrow with pictures.


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