Parking Mascot: A Bloodsucking Tick?

The city of Calgary, Alberta’s parking authority is looking for a mascot. You know, one of those fuzzy critters that everyone loves to soften the image of the organization. The local rag had a few suggestions :  Perry to Parkupine, or Allie the Enforcement Alligator.  The second might be a bit much for a frozen Canadian Planes city.

It seems the authority is nudging its private sector competitor a bit. Check this out from the Calgary Herald:

The Herald asked online readers for mascot ideas Wednesday – and their suggestions weren’t so friendly for the firm behind on-street parking tickets and downtown’s high hourly parkade rates.

A bloodsucking tick, Mr. Moneybags. Petey the Pickpocket.

“We can do better than Impark’s Parker Pete!” the (Parking Authority) newsletter added, in a jab at the cartoon boy mascot of the authority’s private sector rival.

WOW! Competitive juices flowing in Calgary. Who would have thunk it?
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