Some Final thoughts on Intertraffic 2012

  • Its a big show, not matter what anyone says. 150 plus parking companies, 4000 parking visitors. four days, 30 hours of exhibitions.
  • I know its an expense but Americans would do well to visit this event. Its only every other year and it telegraphs what the parking industry is going to be doing in five years in the US.  I only saw 10 people who were from the USA who were not employed by exhibitors, and a bunch of those were related to Roy Carter.
  • The first day of the show is a start up and not too busy, days two and three are jammed and there is no reason for it to be open on day four. I doubt if there were 200 attendees in the halls on the last day. I”m told the organizers keep it open to justify the cost to the exhibitors.  That, of course, makes no sense.
  • There is a lot of networking going on at this event. Since the show is open so long, people have time to sit and talk. I saw more CEOs, and talked to more exhibitor personnel at length (and not necessarily about their products) than at the IPI, NPA, and PIE combined.
  • The USA will most likely not be represented too strongly at Sebas Van de Ahe’s Transpoquip/paring show in Brazil this year.  He has again scheduled it Wed-Fri of Thanksgiving week, bracketing the holiday. He told me he moved the dates next year.  There was a Brazilian conflict this year.
  • There was a feeling that the Germans were more heavily represented both by attendees and exhibitors this year than in the past. I have no clue what that means.
  • I rather felt sorry for the 10 or 15 companies selling note and coin acceptors. With all the cashless activity, are they in the “buggy whip” business?
  • Parking Guidance is very popular with a number of companies featuring a spin on this wonderful service.  Personally I think  its the best thing to come along in our business since Pay on Foot.
  • There are some companies that one wonders just how they survive.  They just seem ‘sad.’   The booth is cluttered, the staff how should i say…”Less than crisp,”  and the overall feel was one of desperation.
  • Following on that thought — I saw a number of companies I had never seen before, and didn’t see a number I saw last time. They do come and go.
  • Our goal was to attract companies to the US and offer support and many told me that they distributed in most of the world, but the regulations (UL and etc) in the US was just too expensive for them to attempt to sell here. Do we over regulate and at the same time restrain trade? Hmmmmmm

Enough for now — its late and I’m hungry.

Later  JVH

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