Whose Fault is that Parking Ticket

Here’s a cute first date video with a couple arguing over who is at fault because they were ticketed. It basically goes like this. The woman (driver and car owner) wanted to valet park. The man (passenger) said he didn’t think they should pay the valet fee, spotted a space on the street, told the woman he read the sign and all was OK. They come out and there is a citation on the car.  Who is at fault?  The woman’s position — he recommended the space and Oked it.  He should at a minimum pay half the ticket.  The man’s position — Its her car, her ticket.

Obviously there isn’t going to be a second date, but who is right. My position, he is right for the wrong reasons. Yes, its her car and she is the driver. He had no business telling her anything about her driving or where she should park and she should simply have ignored him and done what she thought was best. Since she agreed to his input, she is using information he provided to make driving and parking decisions. They may have been wrong, but she, nevertheless, has the final say.

Now, if the man wanted a second date, he could have graciously offered to pay for the ticket since he provided erroneous information to her and she trusted that information. If he never expected to see her again, and most likely walk home, he could take the low road. In this skit….well watch it to see how it comes out.

Thanks to Charlie



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