This Blogger Must Eat at least Some Words

Technology took less than a year to catch up with a complaint I had about using cell phones to receive parking information. I opined that checking a cell phone screen for available parking was contrary to good driving habits and probably laws across the fruited plain. I scoffed at cities that were embracing such programs as I said they flew in the face of logic. Well meh…

I just read a blog post at “ParkMe” and find that the problem has been solved. The folks at ParkMe,(formerly Parking in Motion) have combined their App “ParkMe” with an outfit called Magnifis and its App “Robin.”  Read all about it here.

So here’s the deal. Instead of pushing buttons on your phone and squinting at a screen to determine the location of available parking, you simply speak to “Robin” and I assume “she” responds.  You keep both hands on the wheel and your attention focused. “Robin,” like the voice on your GPS, will give directions and if you ask, will provide locations of both on and off street parking near your destination. Neat, huh.

I’m told that “Robin” compares most favorably with Apple’s Siri but is designed to be used in a vehicle. “Think Kitt from the Knight Rider series.” I read that she actually surpasses Siri as she can remember the thread of a conversation you are having with her.  Hmmmm. Possibilities abound.

Technology 1, JVH 0


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