Wow — Where did these guys come from?

I got a note from Khristian Gutierrez over at Unparalleled Parking, a new blog that is supported by the gang at Passport Parking. I took a look and what was the first thing I saw — “Sustainability in Parking.” OMG  I was ready to unleash my “Global Warming” screed, as Andy calls it, when I decided to break down and actually read the post.  Here’s the summation:

Sustainable solutions should be cash flow positive from the start.

Right on!!!!

I then read further and found probably the most cogent discussion of the Standard/Central merger I have ever read.  Khristian is a former investment banker and lays out the numbers in the sale so that folks like me can understand them.  Give it a look. Full disclosure: They do quote me in their post about Standard/Central so they can’t be all bad

Go Passport — Read the entire post and the rest of their world class blog. That’s Unparalleled Parking —


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