An analogy for Parking – The Bridge

Paul over at Reinventing Parking is working on analogies for parking in an effort to better explain the issues cities, private entities and the parking public face when dealing with the topic. He has equated parking to ancillary services like restrooms, local infrastructure like public transport facilities and parking as real estate.  Lastly, he has noted that parking is like a ‘dining space.” Read all about it here.

Nearly a year ago, the Temecula Parking Group discussed this issue and came up with a different analogy.  Parking as a bridge.  The group felt that parking was a ‘bridge’ that connected two types of transport, the car and — feet, elevator, rail, bicycle, bus, airplane.

This bridge or transition made some sense to the group if you added in ‘toll’. That is, as with a bridge, you pay a fee to be able to move from one type of transportation to another. The fee could be subsidized by the local government, as it is with many bridges, or the people using the bridge pay, as with Golden Gate, Coronado, or any bridge in NYC.  (Except 1 I know).

The parking space allows you to leave one mode and take another, while storing the device you used for one mode.  A bicycle rack would be similar, or perhaps a locker in a gym.

Not perhaps as all encompassing as Paul’s approach, but there you are.


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