Big Brother Ticket Crackdown

Where did that come from. Who writes the headlines in the Hartford Courant.  Here’s the headline:

The Hartford Parking Authority’s

Big Brother Ticket Crackdown

Here’s the story:

The Hartford Parking Authority, using “state-of-the-art license plate recognition technology” is going after the more than 3,200 people who have more than 5 parking tickets. The city’s parking “ambassadors” will now be looking for plates on cars that are chronic parking violators.

Those of you with lots of tickets are urged to pay up — or face a surprise towing. City officials say they are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars from unpaid citations.

After that there is a news release from the local Parking Authority explaining how the system works. Not a word about George Orwell,  “1984” or “Big Brother.”  Is there person on the planet (whoops, sorry of course there is a nut somewhere) who believes that the city shouldn’t enforce its laws when someone blatantly ignores them, and I would think that 5 tickets is blatant.

Parking issues are most likely like all crimes. 90% of the crime is committed by 10% of the criminals. Get those 10% under control and most of your crime goes away. I made this up, but someone prove me wrong.

In the mean time, headlines writers like those at the Hartford Courant are railing against parking folks with “Big Brother” in their headlines. Sheesh. Have editors given up on editing?


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  1. CJD says:

    good guess on the 90/10. My data shows 7% of violators account for 47% of total tickets issued.

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