Its a Little Thing but I Hate it — Curmudgeon Alert

I really don’t mind receiving forwarded emails.  Sometimes they are humorous, sometimes beautiful, sometimes garbage (my delete button works) but usually they end with something like:

“If you don’t send this on to 10 people your hair will catch on fire.” or – “If you forward this to eight friends, you will receive a great gift in six minutes.” – Oh Please.

I hate that.  I will forward if I think its good enough to do so.  So if you get anything from me, rest assured that I have reformatted it and removed any forwarding instructions.

Also — along the same line — if you are going to the trouble of forwarding something, for Pete’s sake use the ‘blind carbon copy” (BCC) so we don’t see the addresses of all the people that you know. Its just courtesy for them.  Also, can’t you take a minute and remove all the ‘forwarding’ information that is listed line after line, sometimes for pages. I mean OMG

Often by the time you get to the meat of the message you have forgotten why you are here in the first place.


BTW: Its remarkable that since the origin of email the description of sending messages to multiple addresses in such a way so that the addressee didn’t know who all got them (bcc)  originated before most email software designers were born and most have never seen what it originally described (a carbon copy.)


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