The IPI and Phoenix

The International Parking Institute hosts its annual Convention and Exposition starting Sunday in Phoenix. This is the largest parking only exhibition anywhere and if you can, you should go.

The IPI has built on a successful Expo that goes back to the days of David Ivey and it deserves credit for enticing the manufacturers in the parking business to spend big bucks to put their wares on display. Held in conjunction with the organization’s convention, it has a built in attendance of over 1000 non exhibitor personnel.

This event brings over 200 vendors under one roof and provides them the opportunity to show their wares. What most people can’t understand is that if this is such a great show, why do we need two others? I wonder at that at times myself.

The answer, however, goes to why we need two organizations, or three magazines in our industry. The organizations are focused on a vertical part of the market, and two of the magazines support those organizations. For the handful of you who don’t know, the IPI is basically a public sector organization and the National Parking Association supports the private sector (read that parking operators.)  Both groups are attempting to enlarge their reach and open their doors to all aspects of the industry to differing degrees.

Nevertheless, If you want to spend some quality time with the people who design and manufacture the technology you are or should be using to control your parking operations, The Phoenix Convention Center is the place to be next week.

See you there.


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