The IPI — General Impressions of the Exhibit Hall

Its always difficult to say just what is ‘new’ and ‘different’ in the exhibit hall.  Certainly the number of ‘green’ booths with charging stations is down, but the number of lighting booths attracting cost concerned attendees is up. Some of the major vendors reduced their footprint slightly, but major bucks went into new booths at Federal. Parkeon, Magnetic, and a very clean, snappy booth at Designa.

We had a new booth, Marcy and Kelley mug for the camera

Federal’s new ‘look’.

The food was good

Of course the gang at Paylock made a big splash with their ‘unique’ tee shirt contest.  I’m not sure how it worked, but attendees loved it.

Gotta run, the show opens in a few – more pix tonight

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