The IPI — Sessions

One of the biggest complaints about the IPI events in Denver and Pittsburgh was that there were so many presentations that you just didn’t know where to go. According to Committee Chair Scott Kangas they had over 80 submittals and selected about half to make presentations at this year’s event.

I think that was a good move.  My experience is that the educational portion can be diluted if there are too many things happening at the same time.(two years ago in Denver there were over 80 educational sessions and people were starting in one, leaving and finishing in another.)  So this too, makes this IPI a trimmer, more bang for your buck event.

I know from experience that getting good presenters and formulating a good educational program is the most difficult thing organizations do. I noted a number of new innovations including the “power pitch” forums in the exhibit hall where vendors present about their products. Great idea, after all, who knows more about a product than the company who makes it.

I am recovering from party party party last night — God love those vendors and their theme based evening events.  I understand no one was killed on the mechanical bull at a restaurant in Scottsdale.



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