A Parking Wonk’s Wish…

Paul Barter over at Reinventing Parking has collected a group of links (including four to your humble servant’s comments about SFPark) that bring a baker’s dozen of parking policy blogs and documents to our attention. I am honored to be in a group that members Don Shoup, The Federal Highway Association, Mike Manville, The Reason Foundation, and even a post from Russia. You can see them all here.

The list included a number of pieces on California’s AB 904, a bill to gently push back at parking minimums. The bill has caused such an uproar in local government that the author has agreed to remove it from the docket. We will be running a summary of this bill and its demise in the September PT. Look for it. Particularly striking is Mike Manville’s well reasoned take down of the California American Planning Association’s opposition to the bill.

Thanks to Paul for his work in this area and for placing my comments among such heady company.




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