A Veritable smorgasbord of Parking

Its impossible to read a new post at Paul Barter’s Reinventing Parking without finding a pearl that should be repeated.  His latest here is a pick up from the Straits Times in Singapore and likens parking to items from a restaurant.

1. The American Vanilla Ice Cream Approach that pretty much requires tons of parking everywhere its bland but everyone loves it.

2. The European Dark Chocolate which has something for everyone and is an acquired taste as its sometimes ‘bitter’

3. The Japanese “Sushi bar” approach which has something for every taste and budget — Japan, it seems, is a place where the free market runs wild — there is virtually no on street parking and you must prove you have a parking space before you can buy a car.

I might add a couple more

The “Parking Diet” where someone else (the city, a university, or local government, perhaps) tells you where to park and how much to pay.

There is dim sum — its a lazy Susan and you pick your space as it appears, cost be dammed.

Or theres “Eating in Training” where you leave your car at home and walk or run where you want to go.


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One Response to A Veritable smorgasbord of Parking

  1. Dan says:

    Great insights. I think the American-style of parking has led to the rise of parking lot sweepers and other parking lot related companies. Having a nice parking lot is key to keeping your business’ appearance attractive.

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