City Doesn’t know HOw Many Lots it has

It’s my town and I believe it.  LA is screwed up about everything else, why not this. They collect money from parking lots, but they don’t know where all the lots are. From a local blog:

Parking lots may physically encompass multiple street addresses, and have multiple entry/exit ways on different streets. The Parking Operator determines which address will be used for the Police Permit and Parking Certificate, and could conceivably register the same parking lot with different addresses each year. LATAX does not contain sufficient identifying information to facilitate discovery efforts, since there may be only a single address recorded on LATAX. This makes it difficult to confirm whether a particular lot is registered and in compliance. In order to determine which address applies for corner lots, or lots that may span several individual street addresses, additional field investigative work must be performed by TPN or Finance staff.

Oh please, they hire outside consultants to ‘find’ parking lots.  Don’t they have inspectors? This isn’t just an issue of collecting the parking tax, it has to do with business licenses, and the like. If they can’t find a parking garage, how do we know if they find all the other businesses in town? Maybe our fiscal problems are just due to the fact that many people aren’t paying the fees because the city doesn’t know about them.

Naaaaa can’t be that.


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