Its A Throwdown — JVH vs. Brandy — Winner take all

OK — We seem to have a bit of a tiff brewing — After my last comment below it seems Rufus and Brandy want to tangle.  Here’s what happened”

  1. Rufus says:


    I’ll give you credit for being an eternal optimist!

  2. Brandy Stanley says:

    We should add a new session at PIE – “JVH vs” and we all get the chance to have a debate with you……

  3. JVH says:

    Brandy — You are ON! PIE 2013 — The smackdown, JVH VS Brandy and her team — loser buys…

  4. CJD says:

    I got bottle of Johnny Walker Blue on Brandy! BUT, I agree with JVH here. This operation sounds horrific. Its probably a management deal, with no revenue bonus, and the hotel doesn’t care about the revenue. Which means the operator doesn’t care about the revenue. They have their weakest manager and employees there.

    JVH- They are training, the problem is when the employes are trained and know what they are doing they quickly get moved to a leased location where revenue matters to the operator. Same thing for managers. You stick you new managers in your lowest risk operation, management fee with no bonus.

    If the hotel doesn’t care, the operator wont care. So in the end, I guess I agree with both parties on some points.

    Smart money is still on Brandy and Co!

I wonder if we can get posted on INTRADE…  Smart money, HA.  At least you picked a good whisky, not a single malt, but good, nevertheless.


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One Response to Its A Throwdown — JVH vs. Brandy — Winner take all

  1. CJD says:

    Brandy can walk over to the sportsbook at the Las Vegas Hilton. They will let you bet on anything!

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