There is a reason for the Lug Nut Blockers

If you didn’t pop for the extra few bucks for the lug nut blockers on the boots you bought for your enforcement operations thinking that no one would remove the tire along with the boot, check this out

Nuff Said —

H/t Jeff


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3 Responses to There is a reason for the Lug Nut Blockers

  1. Marcy Sparrow says:

    Their fine must be really high to throw away a tire and need to replace one since the spare will only last so long.

  2. JVH says:

    Or maybe he just took it home and used a saw to cut it off the tire.

  3. Scott Kangas says:

    Insted of 2 boots on a wheel, they should place a boot on each of 2 wheels. Everyone has a spare but very few have 2 spares!

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