Tom Wunk Leaves Scheidt and Bachmann

My buddy Tom Wunk has left his position at Scheidt and Bachmann. For those that know Tom, you are aware that throughout his career both at S and B and at previous companies, he has been customer centric. His goal is to do the best for the customer, no matter what.

Tom tells me that there is nothing sinister about his job change, it is just that. He needed a change. He is opening his own consulting firm, Intelligent Parking Concepts, LLC and can be reached at twunk@msn.com.

The change has not been a secret, as it was announced to S and B customers a month ago and my understanding is that Tom’s managers at S and B have know since before the IPI show. This is a friendly parting.

Tom has told me for years that he has been concerned about customers who jump into highly technical parking control systems and then find they are unable to manage the process. His goal at Intelligent Parking Concepts will be to help both the vendor and the customer with the often quantum leap change they have to make to bring new technologies to bear on their businesses.

Best of luck to Tom. He will succeed, he always does.


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2 Responses to Tom Wunk Leaves Scheidt and Bachmann

  1. Jeff Shaw says:

    I have only the greatest respect for Tom. He is a great person. He is honest. He is friendly to everyone. He is humble. He is just outstanding. I know you will do great things at Intelligent Parking Concepts.

  2. John Nolan says:

    A dear friend and consumate professional for over 20 years!… When it comes to everything that is Parking…Tom is one of the best!

    Thanks JVH for letting us know~!

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