Well, duh — What the heck did you think would happen?

This happened in Oxford, England, but frankly it could have been anywhere.  In an effort to increase revenues, the local council started charging in five area parking decks. Read about it here.  So what happened?  People who were parking in the decks moved to the local side streets and for some strange reason, residents are outraged. Chaos has ruled.

One of the major feeders in the garages was the local commuter line and people are parking on the streets and taking the train to wherever. The solution, ban all parking on the streets around the station. WOW!

This is what happens when the attitude of everyone involved, council, residents, parkers, and hanger’s on believe that parking should be free.

I’m not surprised that no one during the process thought that this might happen. And of course, there is no solution…Well of course there is a solution

Charge for parking everywhere. Make the on street parking slightly higher than the garages, or make the first hour on street less expensive and later hours more expensive. I’m sure commuters will be in the decks the next day.

Can’t put residential parking permits in because the council can’t afford to do so? Simply charge the residents enough to cover the costs, if its not politically popular to charge more. If you don’t have a permit, you get a ticket.

This concept that people can pay $10 a gallon for gas but can’t pay a buck and a half to park each day is absurd.  They need a massive PR campaign to begin to change people’s opinion about paying for parking. A good way to start would be to plow the money garnered from parking back into the neighborhoods from wince it came. Don Shoup call your office.


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  1. John Feeney says:

    Higher street parking fees is standard here in Chicago. However, on the other side citations have actually increased in certain areas. Since the City sold the contract to a private firm, the firm is now asking for compensation on these parking violations. They feel the police should do more to protect their revenue. City’s approach – pay for this service, it’s not in the contract.

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