Hotel Doctor — Who Knew?

I caught this column in over at hospitality net. The chap is a ‘hotel doctor.” I guess this is like a “concierge doctor” – you know, for rich folk as seen on “Royal Pains.” His opening paragraph:

Approaching the entrance of an upscale Santa Monica hotel, I noticed half a dozen parking valets gathered around their supervisor. As I passed, he paused and pointed: “Look at him. That’s our hotel doctor. You let him park wherever he wants.” This happened in 2003, but I still remember the surge of pleasure. A sure sign that you are an important person is when parking valets accommodate you.

This wise medico also noted that it was irrational to not want to pay for parking, but he still bristles at the cost.

Fortunately never needing a doctor in a hotel, it never occurred to me that the hotel would have one on staff, or at least on call. Of course they would. Folks get sick and are willing to pay for a doctor to drop by rather than trek to an emergency room. Makes perfect sense.

The smart hotels will have a place for the good doctor to park. Like hospitals, they need to be able to get in and our quickly. Sometimes its arrogance (I’m a doctor, I should get the space) but often its necessity. I have to see patients at this place, operate at that one, and need to be able to move quickly. This would be particularly true of a hotel doctor. Getting in and out easily and quickly could enable him or her to relieve the pain of one more patient.



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