I’m Torn…

The city of Foxboro, MA has passed a law that people can’t sell their front yards to park cars around the Foxboro Stadium, where the New England Patriots play football. This comes up from time to time and cities usually just shine it on because the number of folks making a little side money is small.

However it seems that legitimate parking operators feel that they are being put upon so they were able to get the local city council to see the error of its ways and pass an ordinance so people allowing parking in their yards and charging, can be fined $100 per car.

Their argument is that they have to pay taxes and fees and the like, so they shouldn’t have to compete with Mazie who charges half what they charge and don’t pay fees or taxes.

Mazie says that they have to put up with the traffic and pollution and noise generated by the football stadium, so why not pick up a few extra shekels to ease the pain, so to speak.

Parkers love it — it costs less, and they can get out faster than being in the stadium lot which can take an hour to clear. So who is right?

There is one more thing — how do you enforce it. Some are saying that they only let their friends park there, and no money changes hands. Now the police are going to have to have sting operations to catch the housewives of Foxboro in the act of selling parking space.

You know, if I want to have a yard sale, I have to get a permit. The cost of the permit sort of covers the sales tax and I probably have to follow a few loose rules when I put my junk on the street for others to turn into treasure.  So why not for parking?

If the residents who wanted to park cars on their lawns and in their back yards had to get a permit, like a yard sale, and that way they could be controlled a bit, then why not let them. Render to Caesar that which is Caesars.

Maybe if the stadium and professional parking owners nearby provided a bit better service, and were able to get the cars moving in and out quicker, they wouldn’t mind paying a bit more to park there. After all, in a month or so, it may be raining or snowing and who wants to hike a few blocks in that weather.

I’ve always been a free market kind of guy. If someone wants to charge to park a car, so let them.  You can always limit it to certain days (game days) and the like. Are we bordering a little on the banning of lemonade stands?

Just sayin


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  1. Carol Robins says:

    Another good example of this is The Rose Bowl and Rose bowl Parade. Pasadena looks like one big parking lot. If you want to go to see the floats and not stay for the game your options can be somewhat limited.

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