Parking Trade Show Season

Fall is in the air — you can ‘feel’ the change in seasons.  Trees are turning, maybe a sweater in the evening, that unique crisp smell of weather just around the corner. And Parking Associations and vendors are holding their conferences, conventions, and expos. If you want a list, click here.

I found it revealing that the Australians were sending out for a number of their speakers. This year they are coming from the US, Canada, China, Israel, New Zealand, as well as from the homeland. I know many in the Australian Parking Industry and they are not schlepps. They know their business and know how to park cars. My guess is that they know that getting new information, even if it isn’t immediately put to use, will bring much to their body of knowledge.  Perhaps the guy who puts together the seminars for PIE 2013 should learn from them. Oh yeah…

The Canadians meet next week in Calgary. They are expecting a large contingent and have put together a three day event with a “rodeo” theme.  Perfect for Calgary where “cowboy” is synonymous with “resident.”  I note that if you have a ” sensitivity to dust and dander –
this event will feature live animals.”  I did a double take until I determined that they were talking about their evening at Calgary’s Stampede Park and not the entire convention.

The Brazilians are holding their Parking Expo during our Thanksgiving. I have repeatedly mentioned to the organizers that Thanksgiving is important and its difficult to get Americans to leave home during that time. They didn’t seem to understand until I said it would be the same has trying to hold it during “Carnival” in Rio. They got the hint. Look for a different date next year.

If you want a quick trip to Abu Dhabi in November visit Gulf Traffic — the Middle East’s largest Parking, Traffic, Roads and Rail Exhibition in mid November. Its a great time of year to visit the UAE. Its truly worth the trip. Abu Dhabi is an hour’s drive from Dubai, but strangely, although Dubai is more well known, AD is where the money is. Seems Dubai was out of the building when the oil was passed out, Abu Dhabi wasn’t.

Local state and regional associations are holding their events in Morgantown, WV, Las Vegas, NV, Hollywood FL, New Orleans, LA, Baltimore, MD, Charleston SC, Orlando, FL, and Costa Mesa, CA.  Exotic climes all.

Have a great fall, visit parking in places like Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, and Morgantown and keep that parking state of mind.


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  1. JVH says:

    Marcy says that they aren’t wearing sweaters yet in Phoenix — its 102 there today. Sorry Marcy…

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