Endeavour Treks through Streets of LA – Parking Citations Everywhere

This weekend in LA has been an Endeavour. The earth orbiter has moved at a blazing pace of 2MPH from LAX to its final dock at the California Science Center near the Coliseum in downtown Los Angeles. Here’s a shot of the monster space craft in Westchester, near LAX, surrounded by firetrucks, TV vans, and such.

I noticed something Friday as I was watching the spectacle near PT’s offices.  Parking Citation Officers were out in force. And a lot of tickets were being written. Here’s the parking question: Would it have been reasonable to have a parking ticket holiday while the shuttle was moving past. Was there any true danger with people parking in no parking zones along the route?  Give tickets for fire hydrants and blocking driveways, and places that cause danger to the public, but those places where there is a red curb because it is red, why not look the other way at times like this.

I need input. What do you think, parking folks?  Should the rules be relaxed in certain areas when major events take place?  Do we really care that people without a “g” permit park in a residential area so they can take their kids to see the shuttle?  Let me know. I think its a valid question, and I think the answers will tell us a lot about our industry.

This is a great moment for Los Angeles\, parking tickets or no. My guess is that at least 100,000 people in the area worked on the shuttle program or knew someone who worked on the shuttle program. It was built here; and after countless miles in space, it is coming home.

This has been a big deal for the City of Angels. There are concerts, dance reviews, air shows, all taking place along the route. This trip is costing $10million, and no taxpayer money. Why the $10 mil?  The Space Shuttle is so big, that power lines had to be moved, trees cut down, traffic lights replaced, all along the route.

Welcome home, Endeavour, you done good.


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5 Responses to Endeavour Treks through Streets of LA – Parking Citations Everywhere

  1. Lou F. says:

    The bigger issue is the loss of parking spaces along the route. People who usually use the on-street parking along the route had to find other parking. They were then fighting with people who had drove into the area specifically for the spectacle of the Shuttle. I agree, it probably would’ve been wise to relax certain parking restrictions in the area of the route. Then again, if it was truly my call, I would’ve been charging event prices.

  2. peter blair says:

    From my perch in Seattle, I saw this event come across the newsfeeds. I watched in awe and marvel. I was envious as I knew our illustrious museum of flight lost in the bid for Endeavor. I’m with you. City officials saw this coming and could have granted amnesty to all metered zones along or near the parade route. They could have brought in bleachers and sponsors to make this a civic celebration so richly deserved. A designated grand stand and nominal seat price with some of the proceeds going to inner city youth would have been warmly received to the AARP group who desired to have the best seat in the house. A once in a lifetime event in the city of angels, this day could have been planned differently. Instead their left with a missed opportunity that was not even considered probably because they were so uptight about crowd control, safety and liability concerns.

  3. Ruud van Winden says:

    Agree, look away, except in cases where through traffic and emergency exits are being blocked. Especially for once in a life-time events like these.

  4. GG says:

    Anywhere in the world you cannot relax on street parking controls, they are there for a reason, either safety, or the needs of residents or business deliveries.
    When a big event takes place the off street parking places should be used!

  5. Dennis X says:

    So the citations are their way of recouping some of their costs to host the Endeavor?

    Besides, it would be ill advised to turn a blind eye to parking restrictions (i.e. Red Curbs) when they are needed even more so due to the increased density of people in the area.

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