Its 25 Years for Pacific Cascade

Twenty Five years ago Mark Curtis had a idea for an invention. He took it to a friend and they formed a company. Pacific Cascade was born. Now a quarter of a century later, Mark has built his company, and its alter ego “Parking Zone” into the largest seller of specialty items for the parking industry. It turns out that not only is Mark a reseller, but he also provides installation services, and manufactures a number of items, including his popular “Gorilla Post.”


I dropped in to see Mark at his office in Vancouver Washington. The conversation was far ranging. The NPA Board member has a lot of input for the industry in general. Some of it on the record, some off.   Look to more in November’s PT.

Mark did wonder if public sector employees, particularly, might have problems justifying attending industry trade events after the GSA scandal last April. The large federal agency that is responsible for purchasing virtually everything for the government, held an annual meeting of its senior staff in Las Vegas and didn’t scrimp on the trappings.  Congress is investigating.

He was concerned that pressure like this might make cities, universities, airports, and the like might rethink their attendance at trade shows which, lets face it, feature many ‘networking’ events that, even though sponsored by vendors, might seem excessive during a time of tight budgets.

We shall see.  Congratulations to Mark and his staff on 25 successful years supporting the parking industry.

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