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The show is small and crisp. Christine Banning has a number of good speakers who will give the NPA members some excellent information. The chap from IBM and Dale Denda from PMRC are two. This is a networking show. There seems to be a lot of time where people can meet in the hallways and atriums and chat. The layout of where the coffee is seems to propagate that feel.

I have always known that Alan Lazowski is a gentleman and easy to talk to but his interview done on stage by a professional interviewer from the networks (?) was stunning. He spoke easily and well about his successes, failures, and most lovingly of his parents and escape from the Holocaust as children and then their meeting in Connecticut a decade later. Alan’s success, he says, is due to those around him. He is right, but someone has to pick, motivate, and guide them. I watched Alan’s table at lunch. There was a constant stream of people dropping by to say hi and chat. I didn’t get the feel that they were to ‘chat up’ the CEO of one of the largest parking companies on the planet, but to talk and gossip with an old friend.

Larry Donoghue never changes. The Parking Leprechaun, well into his 90th decade was there and always seemed to be one step ahead of me. He sat in on a seminar of which I was a part and as usual had charming bon mots to add. Live long and prosper, Larry.

At lunch I looked over at two adjacent tables and realized that if one included the person standing and chatting, there were senior staff present from Amano, Zeag, WPS, Datapark, FAAC, and 3M/Federal. I know that there are only four companies there, but it was fun to see them, anyway.

I walked around with Carol (our new PIE Salesperson) and was able to impress her when I pointed out the CEO of this parking company or the Chairman or that revenue control manufacturer.  After A while I became impressed a bit, too. Yes, the NPA does attract the movers and shakers.

I chatted for too few minutes with Chad Reed, Business Manager – Parking, at 3M. He is the new person in charge at 3M/Federal APD. I commented that they rebranded quickly and he noted that trade show booths are ‘easy’ (I guess that’s true if you have a 3M behind you) but the rest will take the better part of a year. He noted that everyone’s business card had “formerly Federal APD” on it in small letters under the 3M logo. That will go away shortly. He seems like a bright guy. Its probably time to take another look at our friends from Michigan.

I walked up to Dan Mitchell from the City of LA and some fellow in a white shirt with a logo standing next to him. I was chatting with Dan and then realized that the man next to him was Amir Sedadi, his former boss. Amir told me he was following his passion for Intelligent Transportation Systems and bringing a new level of commitment to transportation and smart technology to IPS.  He had left the Los Angeles Department of Transportation this summer. I’m happy to see he has landed not only on his feet, but also where he can bring his wisdom and knowledge to bear on, as he put it, a ‘very solid product that I know from experience works and works well.


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