PT On Line — An E-Magazine about Parking

I was telling someone the other day, someone in the know, about PT’s on line eMagazine and they told me they had never heard of it. I was concerned, since we have had it up on our web site for years and have recently upgraded the software to make it even more interactive.

Yes the print edition of Parking Today is put up every month on line, free to everyone, not need to sign up for a membership. We post it the day we send it to the printer so you can see all the stories, ads, and pictures about three weeks before you would receive it in the mail. Check it out here.

If you lose the link just go to www.parkingtoday.com and click on the magazine’s cover. Our goal is to get PT to you as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. On line is one way, the US mail is another. Take your pick, or maybe it rings your bell to do both.


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2 Responses to PT On Line — An E-Magazine about Parking

  1. Any plans for an iPad edition?

  2. JVH says:

    Always have plans, but they take time to execute

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