Parking Is In the Headlines Down Under

I’m in Sydney, Australia, for the bi-annual Parking Association of Australia convention. They really know how to treat their delegates. Those from overseas were provided an welcoming dinner.  Here are the attendees NOT from Australia or New Zealand:

Back row – Rachael Yoka from TimHaahs and her friend Jess, Dave Hill from Canada

Next Row — PAA President Larry Schneider, Nadav Levy from Israel, George Hazel from Scotland (Partially hidden), Sandra Smith from Canada, and PAA execs Joy Addison and Cristina Lynn.

Here’s a shot of last nights gala dinner.  They know how to put on a feed:

I have to run now — more conference today (Its Tuesday here). I’ll have more to say tomorrow


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One Response to Parking Is In the Headlines Down Under

  1. There is a legit parking association and they host annual galas? Now I know parking is a big deal in Australia. How about regulating parking operators so motorists will not charge unreasonable parking fees?

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