Women in Parking a Hit in Australia

Women in Parking, a group that began two years ago in Pittsburgh and has grown in the US upwards of 100 members will see itself replicated by the Australians. More than 30 women (and some men) met for breakfast yesterday morning at the Parking Association of Australia’s Bi Annual conference. The group was led by PAA VP Cristina Lynn and Board Member Joy Adamson. Shown here are women who addressed the group:  Sandra Smith from Whistler, BC, Rachael Yoka from the Philadelphia, PA, Cristina Lynn and  Joy Adamson.

The Australian meeting attracted women from all aspects of the parking profession, with some announcing that they started as attendants and were working their way through their organizations, while others were CEOs and CFOs of major firms.

Here, Sandra Smith is addressing the group giving the mission and goals of the US organization, founded by Executive Director Ruth Beaman and currently headed by its chair, Colleen Niese.

It was clear that Women in Parking was going to be extremely popular in Australia. There was a palpable excitement in the room. It would seem that the WIP movement will grow beyond North America and “down under.”  Some comments included “How do we get this going in Europe,” and “My guess is that this will be extremely popular in the UK.”  The president of the UK’s British Parking Association is Anjna Patel.

Both Smith and Yoka were in Sydney to address the PAA Convention.



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