911 Memorial — Ground Zero

I had a few free minutes in lower Manhattan last Thursday and decided to go to Ground Zero — the 911 Memorial. The place is surrounded with high fences and you pass through an airport style screening before you enter. The memorial is basically in the center of a massive construction site. Buildings are going up all around, the largest of which, Freedom Tower, is nearing its topping out phase.

The memorial itself is the antithesis of the horror that happened on 911. The foundation outlines of the two towers are now large footprints in the ground surrounded by a waist high marble wall on which bronze plaques with the names of the victims inscribed. A waterfall covers the entire inside of the memorials.

There are two of these memorials…  The area is calm, quiet, perfect for reflection. Only the heavily guarded entrance and the police presence reminds us of the death and destruction that rained on Lower Manhattan that day 11 years ago.

Freedom tower is nearing completion.

Its a stunning place — I recommend all visitors to New York City take the time to visit.




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