Canadians postpone World Parking Symposium —

The World Parking Symposium to be held this June in Tel Aviv is being postponed due to the “situation in the Middle East.”  That ‘situation’ is of course the continuing upheaval between Israel and practically everyone else. They will remount the Symposium next year when “memories have had a chance to fade.”

I understand completely the organizers trepidation at holding the event in the face of potential ‘troubles.’ They will have a considerable investment and there is a potential of loss.  Fair enough.

However I am saddened that this decision was taken. This is a time when our ally, Israel, needs our support. There is no need to get into the politics of Palestine VS Israel here. The fact of the matter is that Israel is the only democracy in the area and the staunchest supporter of the value system we hold so dear. At a time like this, they need our backing more than ever.

Canadians have been on the front lines when freedom is threatened. They were involved in WWII long before America and as we see in current films, they worked diligently behind the scenes during the Iran Embassy Crisis. The most sung song in Canada after 9-11 was the Star Spangled Banner.

But the realities of politics on the ground will out. Israel is being abandoned by its former supporters right and left. The reaction of the US government to recent events has been tepid.

All that being said, I will be in Tel Aviv the last week in June, 2013, and invite anyone who wishes to join me. We can tour parking facilities (I have friends in the business there) and perhaps a manufacturing plant or two. The Israelis have a number of home grown parking systems, and a large number of parking operations throughout the country.

More on the trip as time draws near.



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