Parking Regs Solve A Problem — Almost

This small Southern California city has a problem. Folks were visiting a hiking and water fall area and parking nearby residential areas. They came in such numbers that they were causing all sorts of trouble — read about it here. The city instigated permit parking in the neighborhoods and that helped reduce the numbers, but didn’t solve another problem, the fact that money is needed in the area to help keep the infrastructure up to snuff. They are talking about parking meters, but…

I suggest the problem could be solved by charging for parking in the residential areas and in areas appropriate to the attraction. Install meters — limit the time you can park to say a couple of hours, charge a substantial amount ($10 an hour?) and use the revenue to keep the place neat and clean.

The charges would limit the number of people in the area, the time limit would enable perhaps more people to come an enjoy the waterfalls and whatnot, and the money would make the place better.

Problem solved.


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