This is Neat

They say that when you copy someone else, its the sincerest form of flattery.  In this case I copied an idea put forth by Barbara Chance on the Parking Matters Blog.   The idea is to use a program called “Wordle” and then create a picture of what you have been writing. I have made two, one of this blog, and one of an episode of ‘Death by Parking.’

The program takes all the words in the selected text, adds up the number of times each is used, then displays them in random fashion, with the most used word the largest, and so forth. As you can see, “Parking is the winner in the blog”, but it appears proper nouns win out in “Death.”



Barbara used this technique to make a very cogent point about how the blog was focusing on some topics to the detriment of others.    I just think the entire idea of ‘wordle’ is neat.  You can make your own here.

Happy Friday


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