Union Demands to Write Parking Citations

This is a little weird. The Police Union in Toledo, OH, is demanding the right to issue parking tickets. Read about it here. Seems the mayor’s office has assigned this task to the local parking authority and the police feel they should be doing the job.

In many cities the police don’t want to issue tickets.  They feel, like being on traffic duty, it is beneath them. Parking citations are written by parking officers. The police may write parking tickets but usually for cars parked illegally in red zones, blocking driveways, etc.

So what is the big deal?  Do the police in Toledo have so little to do that they are demanding more work. Are they afraid that there aren’t enough robbers, murderers, and drunks in the Ohio City that they will be out of work and their numbers reduced.

Have we reached the point where the police are setting work rules and deciding which laws they should enforce?  Sheesh


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