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A year or so ago the IPI produced, at some expense, a cartoon asking people to get consulting firms involved in their parking planning early on.  Fair Enough.  Consultant Kevin Warwood in his Parking It Here blog noticed the piece and commented on it. You can read the whole thing here.  The gist is as follows:

I was disappointed in the message because it proved to be loosely about parking and more of a message about transport planners and traffic engineers being involved in parking and little about parking operations.  Most of the people I know and have worked with over many years wouldn’t know anything about transport planning or traffic engineering but are parking professionals.

Most of the clients I know would not hire anyone to get advice on those things either as they want advice on optimizing their parking garages or making their parking operation more efficient.  This video is all about ‘road corridors’ and transport planning, all things that occur BEFORE parking occurs.

I hope the International Parking Institute gives sufficient and equal time to parking in their next video. Nice video though.

Kevin is very kind to the video, however one of his correspondents isn’t. I quote without comment:

Wow your were very politically correct.
I would have said something like “What a pile of ____, there was no value added in that advert at all”.  Feels very ‘Apple’ish


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