Isn’t this exactly what is supposed to happen?

Seattle raised parking rates in one part of town and suddenly there are empty spaces on the street.  So now they are lowering rates to try to fill those spots.  Read about it here

The idea, of course, is that by raising rates, you make a spot available so people can quickly find parking and not cruise around looking for it. (Don Shoup call your office.)  The article isn’t long on details, but it does note that merchants in other areas want lower parking rates, too. There is a hint, however:

“Capitol Hill is getting killed with parking.  That’s an on-going complaint,”  said Kristen Johnson, manager of La Spiga on Capitol Hill.”People get frustrated. They can only go around the block. How many times before they give up finding parking?”

So let me get this straight.  There isn’t enough parking in the area so we are to reduce the price of parking so there will be more parking in the area? I don’t think so. In fact, if higher rates worked in one area, then perhaps the city should RAISE parking rates in the other. Those merchants will just love that.

I wonder if they have tried anything else, like on street valet or deals with local stores that have surplus parking in off hours. Looks like its time for a entrepreneur to move to Capitol Hill and cash in on the parking crisis.


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One Response to Isn’t this exactly what is supposed to happen?

  1. Stewart Farr says:

    Just wondering if they are changing the solution without looking at the problem?
    Why are cars parked there? Are they all legally parked there? What is the time limit to park there?

    Anyone who complains their carpark is full of paying customers is in the wrong business.
    Completely agree about the price rise though – once you have hit the $ saturation point, the only way you going to make more is by raising the price and getting people out earlier.
    But I suspect the concept of infringement is still manual on this particular site…………and we all know that bank tellers don’t exactly make banks fortunes these days…………..

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