Let’s Hear it for the Canadians

Usually when I’m interviewed by CNN or Fox News, I end up on the cutting room floor. Parking often takes a back seat to more pressing news, like President Clinton breaking his ankle or our invasion of Iraq.

When the Canadian Broadcasting System asked if they could interview me for a segment on their ‘Ideas’ program I was happy to do it, but figured I would be cut as in the past.

Producer Dave Redel visited with me for a few hours last month and wow, he must have liked what he heard.  I am featured along with Don Shoup, Todd Litman, Director, Victoria Transport Policy Institute, David Hill, Manager of Transportation Planning, MMM Group, Calgary, Andrew Velkey, Professor of Psychology, Christian Newport University, Virginia, researcher in predator behavior in parking, and Eran Ben-Joseph, Professor at MIT, author of ReThinking a Lot:The Design and Culture of Parking.

This is a pretty heady group with directors, managers, and professors on the list. Without seeming too self serving, my bon mots figure prominently in the hour long piece. I didn’t time it but frankly I think there is more of JVH than anyone else.  And why not?

Thanks to Dave Redel, the CBC, and the parking profession.  You can listen to the show, streamed directly to your computer, here.


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