The end is near

Besides the revelation that there is actually an entity known as The Asphalt Institute, this article pretty well sums up what we all already know, but don’t like to admit: humans and their great inventions are harmful to nature. Read about it here.

The car and the space needed to store it, multiplied by millions, is part of the vicious cycle that is oil dependence, pollution and climate change. Despite the headline, I’m not one of those people who has to bring everybody down with dire predictions of catastrophic weather and apocalyptic geological developments. No, I think it’s a good idea to be aware of the little things we can all do to reduce our impact on the environment.

Give up cheap bottle water, recycle when possible, eat vegetarian once a week, ride your bike sometimes, keep your parking lot clean and well maintained. There’s no going back to caveman days, when the battle between man and nature was no contest whatsoever. But we can do better than we’ve been doing.


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4 Responses to The end is near

  1. Brandy Stanley says:

    Or buy an electric vehicle – sorry, couldn’t resist, JVH.

    • Paul M Smith says:

      There is some debate on how environmentally friendly electric vehicles are – those batteries are not easy to make and do not exactly degrade into nontoxic nothings…

  2. jvh says:

    Brandy — Since you live in one of the most environmentally pure cities on the planet (Las Vegas) I will yield to your good words.

  3. Harnadi Hidayat says:

    even good electric car still need space to rest, when I focused on the making of a good automated parking (can be erected whenever and wherever needed) then I half wise right?

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