There’s an App for That

There are millions of apps out there for your smart phone. They can do almost anything. Now there is one that will tell you how to avoid a parking ticket in the city of Baltimore. You can read the article here.

An enterprising app writer has gotten all the parking citations written over a certain period and determined what areas receive the most attention from the enforcement officers. The app can then tell you where you are most and least likely to get a ticket, based on the time of day and location of your vehicle.

As was pointed out in a bit of correspondence from Mike Klein of the Albany Parking Authority, this supports my contention that most citations never get written. Sure, if you park in certain ‘high ticket’ areas where the local merchants or residents have lobbied for good enforcement, your chances are pretty good however in other areas you chances of getting a citation are pretty much nil.

The idea behind this app is not new, as a number of newspapers have printed similar information to ‘inform’ their readers about parking ticket rates in certain areas. This is the first time, however, I have heard about the mechanizing of the process.

Mike Comments:

Sending this to my favorite group of thought leaders…

He sent it to Shawn Conrad of the IPI, Christine Banning of the NPA, and moi. Wow. They are a pretty heady couple to be linked with. Mike, you turn my head…


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