Judge stops Cincinnati from outsourcing parking

So if someone held a gun to my head and said “spell Cincinnati, or die,” then I’d be dead. You can’t always rely on spell check, but it saved me today, and I can finish this post.

Some other good news related to Cincinnati is that its honorable Judge Robert Winkler has delayed the leasing out of the city’s parking garages, lots and meters pending a vote from its residents. It’s a $92 million parking plan, and the city needs the money yesterday, however, it seems correct to have the locals decide. Maybe they will vote “yes,” maybe they will vote “no,” but they ought to have a say in the situation. I like to see a government official acknowledge the value of the vote.

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Cincinnati’s city council was trying to push the plan through using an “emergency” exemption and says more than 300 firefighters and police officers will have to be laid off if the parking plan is not carried out.

It’s typical of a government entities to threaten the services we see as most critical in order to get their way. Too bad the people can’t vote on which government employees will get the axe – I bet few would miss the city council.

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