A downtown parking success story

It’s good to read about a city that has turned around a shoddy parking program. A few years ago, Lexington, Kentucky officials reorganized parking and its enforcement in their downtown area and the results have been remarkably successful. Parking is easier for everyone, enforcement is consistent and funds generated from tickets and meters are being used to upgrade parking infrastructure.

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The jobs of managing public parking, writing and collecting fines and planning for better, more efficient parking were consolidated in 2008 under the Lexington Parking Authority. Finally, parking was someone’s priority.

Since then the number of tickets written has doubled and collections have risen from about half to around 80 percent.

But the goal isn’t just to harrass parkers and collect more money, it’s to make more parking available, and that’s happened, too.


Rather than throw in the towel, the city tried a saner approach and can now enjoy the rewards. Way to go, Lexington.


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