Americans are addicted to parking

Actually, Americans are addicted to their cars, but you can’t have a car addiction without a parking addiction. An article about parking troubles at Ohio State University described parking issues that happen all over the country. There’s not enough parking so drivers circle and when they don’t find anything they widen that circle and end up in a residential area where they are not wanted.

As I read, I began to think Americans are just big whiners when it comes to parking. They don’t carpool, don’t use public transportation where it’s available, and heaven forbid they hop on a bike. I know it’s not that simple, but there are solutions to parking problems that don’t require the addition of more parking.

Instead of apologizing, maybe cities and universities could just say they’ve done all they can to provide adequate parking, but people are going to have to pitch in if they want the situation to improve. Maybe we all need a kick in the pants – because there’s no such thing as parking rehab.


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