Eat Play Park

No, I’m not trying to channel Elizabeth Gilbert and her best selling book, or Julia Roberts who played her in the movie. The title of this post comes from a conversation with a friend fueled with some adult beverage held this past fall (spring there) in Sydney.

She said that I needed to get ‘loose’ and start changing the way I approach life, my job and dare I say it, parking. Her approach was a tad more than I was willing to embrace, but I felt the idea had merit and beginning tomorrow, I will embark on the first of what I hope become a number of treks across the globe in search of food, fun, and yes, parking.

This trip takes me to the UK, Germany, Austria, and Italy.  I’ll be flying, driving, and taking the train. There will be visits to friends, colleagues, factories, and places I have never seen before.

OK, its only two weeks, but it is the longest I have been away from hearth and home for, well, ever.

Keep you eye here on the blog as the trip unfolds. There will be a lot about parking (trade shows, factory visits, and I hope some good gossip.) Plus some personal parking adventures as I drive across the UK and the length of Germany. There will be adventures including driving on the (left) wrong side of the road, finding a place to stay when I have no reservations, a glorious train ride from Salzburg to Bologna, and, if I can find it, a walk across the George Bridge.

As for the food part, I think I have tried every McDonalds in London so I will attempt to something a little different there and in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, and a village called Gretton, and they tell me Bologna is the food capital of Italy.  Who knows what Germany will bring — can you say Hofbrau House?

Eat, Play, Park



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