Legal bureaucracy inhibits parking enforcement everywhere

Nobody who receives a parking ticket believes they deserve it. Certainly, enforcement officers make mistakes, but I’m sure that’s the exception and not the rule. These days there are entire books and websites dedicated to telling people how to get out of paying their parking fines.

It seems the United States is not the only country whose legal bureaucracy creates loopholes that can be used to invalidate a parking ticket. In the United Kingdom the situation is complicated by private operators’ ability to ticket parkers. So it’s not just the police, but a thousand other entities setting rules and offering up penalties. Read more here.

It’s unfortunate that people feel they need to hire an attorney to contest a parking ticket. Sadly, the system is so complex, it doesn’t seem like the enforcers know what’s going on any more than the ticketed. There are mistakes and confusion on both sides of the situation. The internet, if used wisely by governments and parking authorities, could be a valuable tool for streamlining ticket enforcement. Maybe someday.



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