Remote meter payment will one day take over the world

Apps are everywhere and they do everything. I’ve read about apps that order your dinner, make you smarter, and change your oil, well, not quite, but they’re coming soon.

In New York, Mayor Bloomberg just unveiled a pilot program in Belmont, Bronx, that will allow drivers to pay for parking with their cell phones. Read the article here.

Parking apps are not new, but they’re not totally mainstream. There are places where it’s highly probable that half the population does not yet own a smart phone and couldn’t feed the meter anything but quarters.

In metropolitan areas the phone is the way to go. And for the rest of the country, one day all these kids now under 13 will grow up and their parking needs will have to be addressed. They have no idea what life is like without computers, bottomless soda fountains, and texting, and I doubt they’ll become adults who carry cash – or change. So all those meters out there will soon need some kind of remote payment method. Get ready.

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One Response to Remote meter payment will one day take over the world

  1. Stewart Farr says:

    Carry cash? Who does that these days?

    I think it will get interesting (and concerning) when people pay for parking with Bitcoins.

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