And some good, and funny PR

Brandy Stanley, head of parking for the city of Las Vegas, has taken her lumps in the press since her arrival in sin city a couple of years back. She is the first person in her position and when you put a face on parking, you had better have a thick skin. Particularly when your goal is to completely renovate the parking system in the city.

Most recently she has gotten the city fathers to approve the replacement of single space on street meters with Pay by Space meters. This was a feat in itself. However she is now getting good press, too. You can read the article here. There are some “inside baseball” references that you won’t get if you don’t live in Las Vegas, but on the whole, this is positive stuff. And good PR for Parkeon, Parkme, and the parking industry, too.

It looks like the PR folks at the city worked with Brandy to get the facts out, and an obliging columnist did the rest.  We need more of this on the local level. This is what changes perceptions. The people in Las Vegas know this guy and most likely respect what he says. In the end, when the new meters come on line, the citizenry will have a positive taste in the mouths when they begin to use them. This is a good thing.

Well done.


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