Its Spring, Almost Summer, and a Young Person’s Mind turns to…..

The good Lord only knows, however in LA we are reminded of the time of year by the bright purple blossoms on the ubiquitous Jacaranda. The trees are everywhere in our fair city. Why just across the street from my house:

jack 1

The trees can be messy — and you should brush the blooms off your car or they might stain, but the trouble is worth it. When you are in the hills and the air is clear (more often than you might think) you can see them across the basin, like a purple haze, adding beauty everywhere, even on the way to work:

jack 2

My city is beautiful, sometimes.




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2 Responses to Its Spring, Almost Summer, and a Young Person’s Mind turns to…..

  1. It is good to see that Parking Professionals take their eyes off vehicles and pavement and enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape. Parking Today has a few articles on greenscape and landscaping; look into the archives for such. I had to smile when I saw the comment on the “purple haze”, wondering if the song by the same title was inspired by this tree, the Jaracanda mimosifolia.

  2. Barry Cole says:

    We were in Durban, South Africe in 2007. In that country the ruling party has decided that their beautiful Jacaranda trees must go as they are not native to their country. They are systematically removing plants that arrived after the Europeans came to their land.

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