Make ’em pay one way or another

There are scofflaws and then there are scofflaws. A UK driver managed to rack up 18,000 pounds in parking fines and his or her car was finally seized by local authorities. I can’t tell you how many dollars equal 18,000 pounds, but I bet it’s a lot.

Vehicles removed by the council can be destroyed if the owner does not make contact and pay outstanding fines along with the removal and storage fees.

“The amount of fines this motorist ran up shows a lack of respect for all road users, so we used our enforcement powers to take action against this persistent offender.”

It’s my opinion this repeat offender will abandon the car – after all, it might just be cheaper to get a new one.

Read the rest of the article here.

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One Response to Make ’em pay one way or another

  1. jvh says:

    about $27.000

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