Should the Punishment fit the Crime

A judge in Ireland fined a women $1400 for parking in a disabled space and banned her from driving for six months. You can read all about it here.

The judge didn’t comment but has previously been quoted as finding parking in a disabled spot “despicable.”   I couldn’t agree more.

The director of the local Automobile Association commented as follows:

“To park in a disabled spot is distasteful and I would have no sympathy to those who are found guilty and severely punished. It is inexcusable behavior and those people deserve what they get.

“The motorists here have the opportunity to put it right by paying the fine.”

“However,” he added, “The punishment should fit the crime and it does seem a six-month driving ban for illegally parking in a disabled space is severe and excessive.”

The perp in this case had no record nor previous violations. It was a first offense, probably made worse when she didn’t show up in court.

The original fine was $100 and she was called to court because she hadn’t paid it. There may be more to the story, but if not, yes, this is severe and excessive. It sounds like the judge was slapping the fifth kid through the door (First kid through the door and slams it — “Don’t do that Billy”, second kid “Come on Mary slow down”  Third kid “Johnny, don’t slam the door” fourth kid, “Do that again, Charlie, and you are going to get it.”  Fifth kid – Slap, paddle, room with no dinner.”)

Actions like this give the justice system a bad name. And the parking enforcement group. A jump from $100 to $1400 AND a six month driving ban.  Over the top.

Just Saying



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